So Natalie Hynde was arrested again, then. Wow she so takes after her mum.

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Looks like Ray and Chrissie’s daughter was among the fracking protesters. Apparently Ray is disgusted with this or something*. I hope that she doesn’t get arrested again (can’t stand that they arrest protesters, actually).

*With the fracking, not his daughter!

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Ray Davies is a Gooner, too. :P

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Oh yes it is Ray Davies’s birthday. Happy birthday genius.

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Ray Davies photographed by Barrie Wentzell

#Let me tell you #about my love affair #with Ray Davies’ fingers#look how amazing they are #and I’ve touched them sweet lord
omfg yes
when he touched my hand that one time
it was like touching a holy person

Nearest I’ve got is that he looked straight into my eyes outside the Royal Albert Hall. Although I think he was just tired.